Yorkshire Terrier Dog Breed


Yorkies have an attitude. There's no question about it so if you don't mind a dog with a mind of his or her own and a dog who is well I'm going to do it my way; I don't care what you say, then a Yorkshire Terrier might be for you. Yorkshire terriers are originally from England the county of no surprise Yorkshire! That area in England is pretty rugged and here is a dog that was bred to go in part after vermin in this rugged territory. Today around seven pounds originally though about twice as large or larger. Yorkshire terriers are wonderful companions, but they're great little Watch Dogs too

Yorkies do come with a common set of problems which can occur even at a young time in their life. Before your little Yorkie puppy undergoes any surgery, it is important to have thorough blood work done to identify an underline liver problem a portosystemic stomach shunt can occur when they're born, and this will then predispose them to difficulties with anesthesia.

I like Yorkies because they're small and when I was younger, I was afraid of bigger dogs I like that she's playful and fearless with bigger dogs, she doesn't seem to know her size or care that she's smaller, she's just a riot

Yorkshire Terriers have so many great qualities. They are small so that you can bring them in places with you, they are smart, so they're trainable, and they’re cute so that you can put bows in their hair, and you can show them off whenever you take them places. The other thing about Yorkshire terrier and this is something that we have to make sure we keep in mind, they're probably not the best dog for small children and only because they look like little teddy bears and so kids want just to grab them and squeeze them and kiss them. And not many Yorkies want to be grabbed and squeezed and kissed by little kids. Do present some training challenges because of their size also because they are known to be a little bit more of a fearful dog. We need to be careful because they find themselves almost vulnerable, so we want to make sure we take lots and lots of steps to ensure that they're safe, that they feel safe, that we expose them to all of the things in our life that we know they're going to have to come across.