What is a Pomsky?

Hello, my name is Denis from Katiebrooke Kennels We're a small kennel in the south of Ireland, we specialize in Pomsky, and I just wanted today to show you what a Pomsky is. Here is Adhe’s a Twelve-week-old male Pomsky. He’s stunning he’s going to new home in the UK.

His mother is a purebred Siberian husky, and the father's a purebred Pomeranian. They grow to about fifteen inches in height. There are two types you have the straight hair, and you have the fluffy hair this is a fluffy Pomsky. He's fantastic; he's a little ball of fluff.

Everybody loves the Siberian husky but can't manage the maintenance because they need walking and walking and walking and here maintenance is an awful lot. Here you have a mini husky with a quarter of the maintenance. And a hundred percent fun and love. All they want to do is play and be with you.

This is Ice she's a Siberian Husky. She’s stunning in nature and looks at the color of her eyes.