True Facts About the Cockapoo

Here are facts about the cockapoo. The cockapoo is typically a small to medium sized dog just the perfect size for the average household or to put it into a backpack if that’s your kind of thing but don't expect them to like it.

The cockapoo is a sociable creature radiating happiness and joy whenever greeting people especially people he likes. But don't let this face fool you when threatened, the cockapoo transforms like the Incredible Hulk into this or at least in his mind. He won't hesitate to attack even if his opponent is bigger than he is. The cockapoo is a versatile fighter making use of teeth, claws and opposable thumbs to attack it’s prey. Look at him go like the Animal Planet over here he can turn it into a zoo.

When the cockapoo is finished, he is content to display his handiwork so others can admire, observe and learn from his example he’s like a god. Cockapoos have two natural enemies; squirrels and vacuum cleaners. No one knows why it just happened. Like most dogs with funny names, cockapoos are hybrid; in this case, part cocker spaniel and poodle But unlike other hybrids, the cockapoo is special, he’s comedian, parrot, mountain goat, cat, and then a shark.


Like the comedian, he uses camouflage to blend in with their surroundings for example, here are the cockapoo outsiders after dark. Like our friend the parrot, the cockapoo is known to pat himself on the shoulders from time to time but don't do the Polly want a cracker thing he hates that.

Like mountain goats, the cockapoo likes to be in high places. He will climb just about anything when you’re not looking though he can be energetic, the cockapoo can also be lazy like a cat. He can sleep for hours if left alone then in meal time the cockapoo can leap into the air to receive its treat like a shark. Don’t you see the resemblance? So scary.

The cockapoo is mainly a house dog. He is content to spend most of his time overlooking these lines from the safety of his Climate Control domain however from time to time he ventures outside then conducts an in-person inspection. He’s very thorough, he leaves no one stone unturned or trail unsniffed. Incidentally, everywhere the cockapoo goes becomes his territory. Boundaries mean nothing to him and after all why should they? He’s like his very own super-powered.

The cockapoo is by definition a designer dog. Which means he is not your average pet, in fact, he doesn't see himself as a pet at all. He runs the household always making sure to keep himself classy. Now every once in a while, he does have to assert his dominance over the lesser beings just reminding him who is in charge. After all, it's not about size but about how you use it.