Pomeranians One of The Most Popular Dogs


I have a Pomeranian dog named nutmeg a combination of the soccer move and the color it's perfect Christine Sinclair. The Pomeranian is a proud lively little dog who is intelligent, eager to learn, very loyal to his handler and his family the breed’s docile temperament and affectionate nature endear it to many. It is alert, inquisitive and active one of the most independent of the toy breeds. Today let's examine the cute and cuddly Pomeranian.

Number 10: Don’t let their fluffy cuteness fool you. Pomeranian is closely related to wolves; they are a spritz breed meaning they have several wolf-like characteristics. Other breeds that fall into this category include the Alaskan Malamute, the Akita, and the Norwegian Elkhound. Spitz breeds typically have thick condensed fur, Pointed Ears and muscles and puffy tails that curl up over their rears.

Number 9: Pomeranians are one of the most colorful dog breeds some dog breeds come only one coat color others have a few, Pomeranians boasts to one of the widest varieties of color options in one breed. The American Kennel Club list twenty three accepted colors and combinations including Beaver, black, black and tan, blue, blue and tan, blue merle, blue Sable, chocolate, chocolate and tan, cream, cream Sable, orange, orange Sable, red, red Sable, tri-colored, white, wolf Sable, Beaver Sable, black and Brando, blue Brando, chocolate Merle and chocolate sable that’s a lot say.

Number 8: Obedient dogs can be hard to come by, but the Pomeranian breed is inherently obedient and very intelligent. This makes these pups easier to train than the more stubborn breed such as the Piccaninnies.

Number 7: The Pomeranian takes his name from Pomerania, a region in northern Europe on the coast of the Baltic sea. It's believed that this is where the dogs were first bred down in size from larger spritz breeds. The original Pomeranians weigh twenty to thirty pounds much larger than the poms that we know and love today.


Number 6: The Poms great temperament and cuddly attitude make them great for interacting with children. They're also popular therapy dogs.

Number 5: One of the earliest known Pomeranian fanciers with Michelangelo the great Italian sculptor, painter and renaissance man. Legend has it that while Michelangelo painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling, his Pomeranian sat relaxing on a silk pillow watching the master at work. We can’t say that the Pom was Michelangelo’s muse or anything, but his charming presence certainly couldn't have hurt

Number 4: Before 1888, Pomeranians were obscure breed, but that was the year Queen Victoria took a trip to Italy where she saw her first Pomeranian name Marco and fell in love with the breed. When the Queen of England becomes an advocate for a particular dog breed, people noticed. So the breed’s popularity exploded.

Number 3: Pomeranians are one of America's favorite dog breeds. According to the AKC's registration statistics, Pomeranians are among America's top twenty most popular breeds and have been for years. They're currently ranked nineteenth out of one hundred seventy-seven recognized and registered breeds being nineteenth most popular is nothing to sneeze at

Number 2: Boo, the self-proclaimed world's cutest dog, is arguably the most famous Pomeranian of all time with this unique short haircut and plushy cute face. Boo took the Internet by storm in the early 2010’s on several fronts particulars Facebook and YouTube. Boo’s popularity eventually afforded him the chance to travel the world and even write a book.

Number 1: Of the nine dogs on board the Titanic, the two that were rescued were a Pomeranian and a Pickaninny. It was reported that Margaret Hayes on lifeboat number seven took her Pomeranian with her the night that the Titanic sank into the ocean. What's your favorite fact about Pomeranians? Did we miss anything? Leave a comment down below. What animal would you like us to do next? Let us know, and please give us a thumbs up it helps us to grow. We hope you've enjoyed this list, please feel free to like, share and to scribe.