German Shepherds Five Things You Should Know

The German Shepherd is supposed to be the all round dog for many tasks of work.

My name is Kris Taylor, and I'm a dog trainer for All Breeds, and I'm an enthusiast and third generation breeder for working line German Shepherd dogs.

The German Shepherd was developed by German military man named Captain Max Von Stephanitz. He developed the breed to be an all round breed. Developed with herding and then he got into wanting it to be a protection dog and a dog that can format into doing many tasks militarily speaking. He also wanted it to be a home protection dog as it developed later on and there came a lot of that police dog as well, and guide dog.


There's two standards, one for male, one for female. The male is expected to be between sixty and sixty-five centimeters in height and between seventy and ninety pounds in weight. The female is between fifty-five and sixty centimeters in height and about fifty-five to seventy pounds in weight. So the ASL, the American Show Line is probably the most prominent variation of the breed.

Physically speaking, the American Show Line has a deeper, longer chest, deeper body cavity, a longer head.

What people tend to see the most and what people have an idea of is what the sloped back is. In the ASL, the American Show Line you see that being more prominent in the genetic structure of the dog vs. the working line German Shepherds or the west german show line, you do not see that a much when the dog is walking around.

You have definite physical differences between the working line and the west German show line as well, beyond the American show lines, but the American show lines, everything is more extreme in our opinion of the other breeds.