Dachshund Breed

Narrator: Described by some as half a dog high and a dog and a half long, it's easy to see why so many people fall for the dachshund.

Dr. Karen: I guess they resemble hot dog because they’re long.

Narrator: Actually it's the deli product that resembles the [unclear 00:21]. Hot dogs were originally known as dachshund sausages.
Through time that was shortened to hot dog.

Victoria: They are funny, they're comical in the way they look and in the way they act.

Amy: It's something about their attitude I mean these dogs really kind of tune in to their people

Narrator: In 2002, this low-slung companion was the fifth most popular dog in America maybe because with three coats to choose from: smooth, wire and long haired. And two sizes; standard and miniature, there's a dachshund for everyone. As far as anyone knows the dachshund appeared in Europe at least as early as the fifteenth century when German foresters likely crossed the pincher with the French basset hound and later with a spaniel and a wire-haired schnauzer. In fact, the dachshund was never meant to be a mild-mannered lap dog.

Amy: Dachs means Badger hund means dogs and these were Badger dogs

Narrator: And this is what a badger dog does. Designed to track and catch Querrey above and below ground, the dachshund maybe the most extreme case of form following function. The dachshund’s most important feature is its acutely sensitive nose. Like all scent hounds, a dachshund key nose makes it highly efficient at following a trail even after its grown cold. Short, stout legs keep the dachshund low to the ground close to the center of its Querrey and combined with his long narrow body help him fit into tight tunnels and burrow. Strong webbed spade-like paws allow the dachshund to move a lot of dirt fast as much as a foot and a half deep in under a minute.

Amy: Don't be surprised if your dachshund ends up digging the potted plants or the pillows out of the sofa or heaven forbid the carpet.


Narrator: And the final characteristic that makes the dachshund a stand out in the field is courage. He's bred to take on the most a vicious or varmints underground, in the dark and never to back down.

Amy: Don't let its small size fool you this was a ferocious competitor.

Narrator: A well cared for dachshund can be quite an athlete to behold. And because dachshund live some twelve to fifteen years, experts consider them to be one of the healthier breeds, but there are concerns.

Amy: Because of the long body and short leg conformation they can have issues with their spines; they could have slipped discs just like people do.

Narrator: When it comes to training enthusiasm drops off a little.
Dr. Karen: They are stubborn, and they kind of want to do it their way, but with patience and persistence, you can train them

Unnamed speaker: Bend. thank. You.

Narrator: Depending on the dachshund style you choose the breed gets good grooming reviews over all

Amy: The smooth dachshund, absolutely easy care little sharmy cloth once or twice a week will shine him up like sand. The longer hair dachshund a comb because it's not a real thick, luxurious coat. The wire hair, pretty easy keepers as far as grooming goes.

Narrator: Dachshund adapt well to challenging pet environments, but it's a mixed bag when it comes to family

Dr. Karen: Dachshund can be difficult with children because they do have a tendency to snap and there are also difficult to house break.
Narrator: Summing up the dachshund then, an awesome pet for city living but you might want to try a wee wee pet training. He lives a long time but is prone to back problems, he's middle of the class with grooming, trainable with consistency but he gets low scores for family.

Unnamed speaker: Say bye bye. Good girl.