10 Cat Breeds Who Like to Play With Dogs

Today We are counting down 10 Cat breeds WhoLike to Play With Dogs.

We’ve all heard the saying, “They fightlike cats and dogs,” but the truth is that cats and dogs are not mortal enemies.

Often,cats and dogs get along just like any other members of a family.

Sometimes they fuss, sometimes they fight, but many times, you’ll find them collaborating to steal food, grooming each other, and curling up together at bedtime.

Here are 10 Cat BreedsWho Like to Play With Dogs.



American Shorthair.

Confident and Fun-Loving This affectionate and friendly cat is a social lion who enjoys the company of other pets, including dogs.

He’s confident enough tostand his ground and let dogs know not to mess with him, and fun-loving enoughto pal around with them once boundaries are established.



Japanese Bobtail.

Active and Responsive Clever and energetic, the Japanese Bobtailis an outgoing cat who gets along well with everyone, including dogs.

He likes to splash water and retrieve toys, making him a perfect playmate for an equally fun-loving dog.

The Japanese Bobtail is distinguished by his short to nonexistent tail.



Turkish Angora.

Mischievous and Energetic Don’t be fooled by this cat’s delicatelooks and long, silky coat.

The energetic and quick-witted Turkish Angora masters thedogs in his household with an iron paw cased in velvet.




Strong and Playful With a heritage of life in wildest, coldestRussia, the Siberian is more than able to throw his considerable and well-muscled — weight around when it comes to ruling a passel of dogs.

He may even lead the dogson a few of them.



Maine Coon.

Big and Relaxed The sweet and friendly Maine Coon is a mellow fellow of large size.

He gets along well with other family members, including those of thecanine variety.

Self-confident and interested in life, this is one of those cats who enjoys playing fetch and may be willing to learn to walk on a leash.





Silky and Sweet The placid Birman has a secret: He loves toplay, especially if it involves fetching a ball.

Birmans will even take turns chasing and being chased in a freeform game of tag, making a friendly dog a great companion for this cat.



Norwegian Forest Cat.

Calm and Friendly The Wegie’s relaxed attitude can make him a good choice for families with dogs, especially if he has been raised with them.

If necessary, though, he’s big enough and sturdy enough to let a dog know that it’stime to back off.




Welcoming and Sociable The friendly, active and playful Tonkineseis a feline greeter who loves the presence of people and dogs.

He enjoys hanging outwith his canine pals and is likely to join in games of fetch.




Gentle and Easygoing The Ragdoll is big but gentle.

He gets along well with dogs and, like them can learn to walk on a leash.

This is a beautiful cat witha semi-longhaired coat that comes in a variety of patterns and colors and is easy to groom.



Turkish Van.

Water Loving Leader Another Turkish breed, the Van, can get along great with dogs, just as long as they know he is the one in charge.

This active, energetic cat is known for his love of retrieving and his enjoyment of playing inwater.

Choose him if you share your home with water-loving dogs.

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